What To Expect During A Teeth Whitening Appointment

What To Expect During A Teeth Whitening AppointmentGregory skeens d.d.s.encinitas family dentistry

If you’re looking to brighten your smile and boost your confidence, teeth whitening may be the only solution you need. At Encinitas Family Dentistry in Encinitas, CA, Dr. Gregory Skeens and his team offer both in-office and take-home teeth whitening options to help you achieve a confident, radiant smile.

Depending on what your goals are and what you’re hoping to achieve, here are the different types of whitening and what each process entails.

An In-Office Teeth Whitening Process

In-office teeth whitening treatments are a great option for anyone who wants to see fast results. Maybe you have a last-minute interview or blind date and want to make a great first impression. During your appointment, we’ll first apply a protective gel to your gums to prevent any irritation. Next, we’ll then apply a strong whitening solution to your teeth and use a special light to activate the gel’s stain oxidation process. This process typically takes about 15 minutes, and we’ll re-apply it another 2-3 times until we see the results we want. Some people also want us to provide them with take-home trays and instructions for further boosting their level of brightness and to maintain their results.

Take Home Teeth Whitening in Encinitas

Take-home teeth whitening is a more gradual process, but it can be just as effective as in-office treatments. Instead of a same-day process, this system uses bleaching trays that are molded to the shape of your unique smile.

Our Encinitas dentist will provide you with custom-fitted trays and a whitening gel to use at home. You’ll wear the trays for a specified amount of time each day (usually an hour a day,) typically for a couple of weeks. Take-home teeth whitening is a great option for those who want to whiten their teeth on their own schedule and in the convenience of their own home. Plus, it’s easy to touch up at any time since you’ll always have your trays on hand. Just stop by to purchase a tube of gel when you need it!

Do I Qualify for Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is safe and effective for most people. However, there are some factors that may make you ineligible for this cosmetic treatment. For example, if you have gum disease or tooth decay, our dentist will need to treat those issues before you begin a whitening treatment. Additionally, if you have veneers or other dental restorations, teeth whitening will not change the color of those materials, so they will need to be updated to match your surrounding teeth. Our Encinitas dentist will be able to determine if you’re a good candidate for teeth whitening during your consultation.

If you’re pregnant or nursing, we recommend waiting to whiten your teeth. Additionally, whitening products shouldn’t be used if you’re currently undergoing orthodontic treatment with traditional braces.

Best Times to Whiten Your Teeth

Teeth whitening is a great option for special occasions or just for a boost of confidence. If you have an important event coming up, such as a wedding or a job interview, you may want to schedule your teeth whitening appointment a few weeks in advance to ensure you have the bright, radiant smile you want. However, you can whiten your teeth at any time, and we’ll work with you to find a treatment plan that fits your schedule and your goals.

Same Day In Office Teeth Whitening

For those who need fast and reliable results, same day in-office teeth whitening is the way to go. To get the most out of your whitening treatment, it’s also important to maintain good oral hygiene habits, including regular brushing and flossing.

Professional whitening is a safe and effective way to boost your confidence and help your smile look its best. Schedule a consultation at Encinitas Family Dentistry in Encinitas and get started on your journey to a brighter, more confident smile.

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