Dental Implants: What You Should Know Before You Make Your New Year Resolution

Dental Implants: What You Should Know Before You Make Your New Year ResolutionGregory skeens d.d.s.encinitas family dentistry

We all hope that 2023 will bring us success when it comes to keeping our resolutions. One New Year’s resolution you might make is to lose weight or improve your health. Some of the most common examples of resolutions usually involve something like:

  • Eating better or losing weight
  • Cutting back on caffeine
  • Quitting smoking
  • Exercising more

One resolution you might not have considered for New Year’s is to replace your missing teeth with dental implants.

Why Chose Dental Implants as My New Year Resolution?

When you have missing teeth, long-term, severe changes can occur in your smile’s health and overall appearance. Traditional tooth replacement options are available, but only dental implants offer a reliable and permanent solution that will improve your overall oral health.

Dental implants are more like real teeth than any other tooth replacement. They also help maintain the integrity of your nearby teeth. Dr. Skeens at Encinitas Family Dentistry can oversee your entire implant treatment from start to finish under one roof.

What Are Dental Implants?

Implants offer a modern, advanced treatment option for adults who have lost one or more teeth. Implants perform just like natural tooth roots and are placed in your bone alongside your other teeth. Your implant will become part of your permanent smile over time as it fuses to your bone.

Implant failures are extremely rare. They have the highest success rate among all dental restorations when placed by an experienced dentist and maintained properly. They also have the potential to last for the rest of your life.

Dental implants can be used for many purposes, depending on how many teeth you’re missing. A crown can be used to cover one implant if only one tooth is missing. To anchor a multi-tooth bridge, two implants can support the fixed restoration (with one on either end.) This implant-supported bridge fills in the spaces of three to four teeth. What if you need to completely replace all of your teeth in your upper or lower arch? Since implants are so strong, as few as four or six of them can support popular “All-on-4” or “All-on-6” style restorations.

The Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

Today’s top dental providers love using dental implants because they’re minimally invasive and function like natural teeth. But implants have their downsides, too. Many of these “disadvantages,” however, are outweighed by the benefits/advantages.

Pro: A Dental Implant Can Last Forever

Today’s research on dental implants supports the notion that a well-maintained implant can last for decades. This means they will be part of your smile for a lifetime. Implant failure rates are extremely low. In fact, implants have a 98% success rate and are the most effective treatment available in modern dentistry.

Pro: Implants Mimic Natural Teeth

Dental implants are the only tooth replacement treatment that is as non-invasive as any other teeth in your mouth. They are designed to match the natural shape and size of the tooth being replaced without altering the structure of adjacent teeth. Plus, they can support your facial tissues and bone for a youthful and healthy appearance.

Pro: They’re the Most Cost-Effective Missing Tooth Treatment


When compared to other tooth restorations that need to be replaced every several years, the price of dental implants is much less overall.


Con: They’ll Need Enough Bone to Support Them

You’ll need sufficient bone to support dental implants. The bone can shrink up to 30-40% or more after a tooth falls out. If you have a missing tooth, bone loss will be common.

Con: Initial Price is Higher Than Other Treatments

If you get dental implants, your upfront treatment expenses will be slightly more compared to choosing something like dentures. However, the life-long durability makes the investment more than worth it!


Are You Considering Dental Implants In Encinitas?


Whether you’re wondering how to choose the right dentist for you or want to find out if you’re a candidate for dental implants, our Encinitas dentist is here to help. Call us today to set up your first visit or a dental implant consultation!

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