All About Guided Dental Implant Placement

All About Guided Dental Implant PlacementGregory skeens d.d.s.encinitas family dentistry

If you’re one of the 178 million Americans missing at least one tooth, you probably forget what it feels like to smile confidently and without hesitation

You want to restore your mouth with a trusted tooth replacement option like dental implants, but who is the best person for the job? Not every dentist has the skills, training, and experience to tackle tooth replacement. This makes it all the more important to find an expert who uses advanced technology and time-tested techniques to perform dental implant procedures.

For tooth loss patients in Encinitas, California, you can trust Dr. Gregory Skeens, D.D.S and his team at Encinitas Family Dentistry. Dr. Skeens uses computer-guided dental implant placement technology to guarantee a beautiful, attractive smile for every patient.

Why Choose Dental Implants for Tooth Replacement?

There are many types of tooth replacement out there: crowns, bridges, dentures, and implants, to name a few.

But only dental implants are known across the industry as the Gold Standard in tooth replacement technology, and for good reason.

A dental implant physically takes the place of your entire missing tooth, from root to crown, and it looks and feels exactly like the natural tooth it’s replacing. Each individual implant is made of three pieces that fit together to replace your missing tooth: the screw, abutment, and crown.

The implant itself is a titanium screw placed deep into your gum tissue. Over the span of a few months, the screw permanently fuses with the jawbone to act as a replacement for missing tooth roots. This creates a sturdy, immovable base that supports the other parts of the implant.

An abutment functions as the connector between the screw and the visible tooth called the crown. Every crown is customized to fit the shape and color of your smile perfectly. Using this process, dental implants make it possible to replace an individual tooth, a few teeth, or your entire mouth if necessary!

Since dental implants are inserted directly into your gum tissue and jawbone, they support healthy gums, strong bone density, and a better quality of life in the long run. Of course, the final quality of your dental implants depends on the dentist who performs your implant procedure, so don’t settle for anything less than the very best.

How Does Guided Implant Placement Improve Your Results?

Dr. Skeens is a dental implant specialist in Encinitas, CA. He has helped Encinitas patients achieve their best smiles with implants for more than ten years, always adapting to use the newest and best technologies available.

Now Dr. Skeens is proud to use guided implant placement to achieve the most precise implant results possible.

Computer-guided implant placement uses CBCT 3D x-rays to capture comprehensive images of the entire mouth. CBCT scans are quick, painless, and completely non-invasive. They use a special 3D x-ray machine or handheld device to capture thousands of images of the mouth from every angle. Those images are combined to create a full 3D view of the mouth, gums, nerves, sinus, jaw, and face.

Using CBCT 3D images, Dr. Skeens can assess the structure and condition of your mouth. This allows him to identify any potential challenges and plan for the placement of each implant in a precisely designated position. All of this information is processed by the computer system and a flexible guide is printed with a 3D printer to use during implant surgery.

As soon as the guide is snapped in place, Dr. Skeens can place each implant to exact depth and location it must be for superior results. Never before has the dental implant process been refined to this level of detail and planning.

As an implant patient at Encinitas Family Dentistry, you can trust Dr. Skeens to deliver these incredible benefits using computer-guided implant placement and his decades-long experience as an implant specialist:

  • Smaller, cleaner, more precise incisions
  • Faster recovery time with fewer complications
  • More efficient implant procedure with fewer risks
  • Guided visual plan to achieve desired results

Dr. Skeens is committed to delivering superior dental implant results for smiles that last a lifetime. Once your implants are installed and crowns applied, you can finally embrace life with a confident smile.

Call Dr. Skeens today to receive the advanced, individualized dental care you need and deserve. The team at Encinitas Family Dentistry is here to ensure your comfort and wellbeing.

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