5 Natural DIY Tricks To Brighten Your Smile

5 Natural DIY Tricks To Brighten Your SmileGregory skeens d.d.s.encinitas family dentistry

Brushing your teeth is an essential part of any oral care routine, but it’s not the only one. There are many other quick, simple, and clever techniques that you can use to protect, strengthen, and brighten your smile.

The following five DIY tricks are all safe and natural ways to brighten your smile. You can easily add one (or all!) to your daily dental routine.

Brighten Your Smile By Brushing With a Charcoal Toothbrush

Charcoal is a powerful oral health tooth, but it’s still a little known secret. The charcoal used in oral care is much different than the charcoal from a barbeque. This fine black powder is known as activated charcoal.

When activated charcoal comes in contact with your teeth, its adsorptive properties immediately bond to the molecules creating stains, yellowing, and brown marks on your teeth. Toxins and discoloration-causing molecules are pulled gently out of your teeth and spit right into the sink.

Activated charcoal also improves your overall oral health by removing the toxins and bacteria that cause plaque and inflammation. Less plaque and inflammation equals fewer cavities, happier gums, and a brighter smile!

The easiest way to enjoy the benefits of activated charcoal is to brush with a charcoal toothbrush. Consider these impressive benefits compared to your conventional toothbrush:

  • Removes plaque without weakening teeth or causing sensitivity
  • Adds whitening power to your brushing by pulling stains out of enamel
  • Eliminates bad breath by removing toxins from teeth, gums, and tongue
  • Cleanses gum tissues drawing pathogens out of their tiny hiding spots

By protecting your gums from the accumulation of bacteria and acids, your activated charcoal toothbrush can prevent gingivitis and help you maintain a white, confident smile.

Make Your Own Natural Mouthwash to Brighten Your Smile

You can save money and nurture a healthier oral environment by making your own natural mouthwash with essential oils.

Essential oils are highly concentrated botanical oils used since ancient times for their therapeutic properties. Tea tree and peppermint oils are two of the most popular essential oils used in DIY mouthwash because they’re versatile and backed by time-tested research.

The impressive therapeutic capabilities of essential oils make it possible to naturally counteract gingivitis, reduce inflammation, and prevent the conditions that plaque and tartar love.

Blend the following ingredients to make your own remineralizing mouthwash and brighten your smile:

  • 2 drops tea tree essential oil
  • 2 drops peppermint essential oil
  • ½ cup filtered water
  • 2 tsp baking soda

Just swish and spit twice a day to combat unwanted plaque and keep your smile looking its best.

Get in the Habit of Oil Pulling

Oil pulling has been performed since ancient times, but it only recently emerged as a natural health trend. In fact, Ayurvedic medicine credits oil pulling with the ability to cure 30 systemic diseases, including cavities, plaques, and infections.

This natural detoxification technique has surged in popularity over the last ten years as consumers have become more conscious of their health. By oil pulling once a day, you can achieve impressive benefits:

  • Use antioxidants to damage and kill microorganisms
  • Purify gum tissue of toxins
  • Slow or stop the bacteria responsible for cavities, gingivitis, periodontitis, and bad breath

It’s very easy to get into the habit of oil pulling to brighten your smile. Just measure one tablespoon of coconut, sesame, olive, or sunflower oil and swish around your mouth for 15 minutes. As you swish, salivary enzymes release the toxins lurking in your gum tissue and bloodstream. This means that when you spit out the oil, all of those toxins leave your mouth.

Supplement With CBD

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, has surged in popularity recently. You may already know that CBD grows naturally in the flower of the cannabis plant. Since it’s safe and non-addictive, this substance is being used therapeutically to combat everything from anxiety to gum disease.

Most importantly, CBD is an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antifungal, and bone stimulant substance. This means it has the power to restore and enhance your oral health and brighten your smile!

When you brush with a CBD-infused product or rub CBD oil onto your gum tissues, it accelerates the healing process for existing damage. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties make it a powerful oral health aid. It has a calming effect on gum tissue that counteracts inflammation, increases blood flow, and stimulates tissue healing.

Give Your Tongue Some TLC

Most conversations about oral health highlight the teeth and gums, but what about the tongue? Your tongue needs some love too! In fact, you might not realize the significant influence your tongue can have on your oral health.

Stick out your tongue and look in the mirror. What do you see?

If your tongue is healthy, it will look perfectly pink without any signs of red, yellow, white. If you see even the slightest sign of a white film on your tongue, it’s an indication that bad bacteria are starting to take control. That coating of bacteria is one of the main causes of bad breath and plaque.

Fortunately, the solution is simple. Use a copper tongue scraper to lightly scrape all of that white film off your tongue. Rinse in running water and repeat until that healthy pink hue returns. You can do this before or after you brush.

It doesn’t take much time or effort to adopt a few of these habits into your daily routine. Your Encinitas family dentist is here to monitor your progress and help you adjust your dental care to meet your unique needs. Call (760) 933-3077 to make an appointment with Dr. Gregory Skeens at Encinitas Family Dentistry, your home for personalized dental treatments using cutting-edge technology.

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