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When you need teeth treated for dental problems such as severe decay, having to wait is a hassle. Many patients who need dental crowns to restore teeth are required to visit their dentist for multiple appointments and wear temporary restorations while their permanent crown is being made at a dental lab.

Dr. Skeens takes the hassle out of getting a dental crown with advanced CEREC technology. With CEREC, we can design and create same-day crowns while you wait at our Encinitas dental office.

Same-Day Dental Crowns in Encinitas

We plan your treatment with 3D imaging, or Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), technology. Dr. Skeens takes a scan of your smile so CEREC can use this detailed information to three dimensionally plan your restoration. Our patients can see this information too and watch as we precisely and digitally map out their treatment, before our in-office milling machine fabricates their crown in-office.

CEREC (chair-side restorations of esthetic ceramics) provides the following benefits for our valued patients:

Reduced Treatment Time - Dr. Skeens reduces overall treatment time for getting a dental crown from two weeks to two hours. Because our digital technology can take pictures of your smile and fabricate a crown with that information, there is no need to send your treatment to a dental lab. Keeping all phases of your crown treatment in-house allows us to produce same-day results.

No Second Appointments - We understand that finding time to see the dentist isn’t always easy -- especially when your treatment plan requires multiple visits. Our patients enjoy being able to have their smiles restored with just one office visit -- no second appointments or re-numbing needed.

Comfortable and Precise Restorations - Standard impression trays with messy paste can leave some room for error, depending on the skill of the person administering the impression and if a patient was able to tolerate the bulk of the tray. With CEREC, however, there are no trays -- just detailed digital imaging that does not trigger a gag reflex. The result is a crown that’s created to sit comfortably against your gum line and seamlessly blend into your smile.

We are committed to getting your restoration right. Your appointment begins with treatment planning and crown design. While CEREC is fabricating your crown with chair-side milling technology, you can relax in our waiting room for only an hour. Our patients love the CEREC experience and are excited to get a crown in one appointment.

e.max® Dental Crowns with CEREC

Our same-day crowns are often made with e.max®, an exceptionally durable and beautiful glass-ceramic combination. E.max® material is produced to create strong, disulfide bonds that don’t break and hold up well for those patients who habitually grind or clench their teeth. Dr. Skeens provides many of these one-visit e.max® crowns with CEREC to ensure that patients receive dental crowns that look natural and are long-lasting.

Learn More about Crowns in a Day - Contact our Encinitas CEREC Dentist

With our digital technology, you don’t have to wait to get your dental crowns. Contact Dr. Skeens today to learn more about how CEREC can help repair your smile in just one appointment.