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Meet The Staff

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Our exceptional, friendly staff is our greatest asset. Our dental assistants and hygienists are licensed professionals who pride themselves on staying on the cutting edge of dentistry and patient communication. They are excited about what they are doing, have high standards of quality and integrity, and are motivated to achieve the best results for our family of patients.

Our dedicated and motivated staff has one primary goal—your utmost comfort! We feel it’s important that you understand the treatment that you’ll be receiving so that you can relax during the procedure. Our staff is eager to answer any questions regarding your dental care. Please feel free to share with us your needs and concerns.


Victoria Kaiser

Office Manager/RDA

 Victoria has been in the dental field for over 10 years and 6 of those years have been with Dr. Greg Skeens. She was first a dental assistant then transitioned to the front desk. Victoria's favorite part is making people smile and feel confident about the work we did in our office. She enjoys playing slow pitch softball, and her favorite color is purple. The quote Victoria lives by is "Live the day and love the people around you"

Sarah Tan

Registered Dental Hygienist

Sarah has been in the dental industry for 37 years, in which 10+ years have been with Dr. Greg Skeens. Her passion for dentistry goes beyond the clinical aspect and is more about helping patients achieve better overall health by focusing on their oral health. The social connection that she experiences with the patients is invaluable. For Sarah, it's a wonderful perk of the job that she can learn about the patient as well as from them. When she's away from the office, she enjoys the practice of yoga. Her favorite place to be is with her husband Rodelle and their dog Midas. And hanging out with friends and family when she has time! Cool facts - favorite color is the rainbow, but if she must narrow it’s turquoise blue. The mantra she lives by, “Your health is your wealth

Leigh Lightfoot

Registered Dental Assistant

 Leigh is a Registered Dental Assistant and has been active in the dental community for 10 years. She helps people feel comfortable by easing their fears. Assisting Dr. Greg Skeens, and helping patients reach their dental goals is why she does what she does. And for fun, Leigh enjoys spending time with friends and family. Favorite color - green

Dawn Delgado

Registered Dental Hygienist

Dawn is a Registered Dental Hygienist and has been in dentistry for 35 years. In which, 21 of them have been as a dental hygienist. Her favorite part of dentistry is helping patients set positive health goals. Outside of the dental office, she likes hanging out with her family. For fun, Dawn enjoys bike riding and boogie boarding. Dawn lives by the Golden Rule - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Her favorite color is yellow.