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Implant dentistry is one of the safest and longest-lasting ways to replace teeth in your smile. Whether you’ve needed a tooth extracted due to damage or decay, or had a tooth knocked out in accident, Dr. Skeens can replace teeth with implants from his Encinitas dental office.

Implant Dentistry for Long-Lasting, Comfortable New TeethImplant Dentistry

Dental implants are the closest substitute available for your natural teeth – they replace all portions of whole missing teeth, including roots. The base of a dental implant is a post or small screw that is surgically positioned into jaw bone, thereby mimicking the roots of existing teeth.

Once placed into bone, implants merge with surrounding tissue, so that when Dr. Skeens adds a crown, bridge, or denture to complete your smile, your new teeth will be as stable and durable as possible. Unlike fixed bridges, which require buffing teeth to place dental crowns, and traditional dentures, which are bulky and can irritate soft tissue, dental implants are independent and feel natural. With durable implant-supported teeth, you can enjoy restored and renewed oral function, aesthetic, and confidence.

Single and Multiple Tooth Restoration with Dental Implants

Dental implants are extraordinarily versatile, in that they can be used to replace any number of missing teeth – from just one to every tooth in an arch. At our Encinitas implant dentistry office, Dr. Skeens provides single and multiple implant procedures with the following:Dental Implants

Implant Crowns – Replacing one tooth with an implant requires the placement of one implant post and is then finished off with a tooth-colored and natural looking dental crown.

Implant- Supported Bridges – A dental bridge is a prosthetic piece that consists of 3 -9 replacement teeth. Traditionally, these restorations are attached by being cemented over the existing teeth next to the gap in your smile. But with implants, the bridge can be attached to implant posts – healthy teeth are not altered or negatively affected.

Implant Over-Dentures – If you are missing all of your natural teeth in an arch, Dr. Skeens uses a handful of implants (2-6, depending on your needs) to securely attached a full arch restoration. Compared to removable dentures, implant dentures are strong, sturdy, and will not slip around in you mouth, or cause a disruption in oral function.

Repairing and Restoring Implants

Dr. Skeens can both place and restore dental implants – you don’t have to visit an outside oral surgeon for care. We can place any number of dental implants and, after your implants have healed, we can place your final restorations as well.  For patients who need crowns and bridges, we offer E-Max prosthetics. E-Max crowns are exceptionally strong and all-ceramic, so your new teeth look natural and can support full oral function.  In the event that your prosthetic becomes damaged, we can repair your smile by placing a new, life-like crown or bridge on existing implants.

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For more information about how dental implants can positively transform your smile by permanently replacing teeth, contact our office today. Dr. Gregory Skeens is your source for comprehensive treatment with dental implants in Encinitas, CA.