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Dental implants have proven to be a revolution in the way patients think about replacing missing teeth -- not for single tooth loss, but for total tooth loss as well.  With dental implant technology, Dr. Skeens is able to provide full denture wearers with new teeth that are strong, secure, and long-lasting. With implant-supported dentures from our Encinitas dental office, you don’t have to struggle with removable full dentures anymore.

Benefits of Stabilizing Removable Dentures

While traditional dentures help provide the outward appearance that patients have a mouth full of healthy teeth, dentures often do not deliver the same value for functionality. Full dentures must be adhered each morning with messy denture paste and can come loose throughout the day as patients speak and eat. Not only does this make daily life a hassle, poorly fitting and loose dentures can be uncomfortable to wear.

Stabilizing dentures with dental implants provides solutions to these common denture problems and provides a night-and-day difference in comfort, strength, and overall oral function. Dr. Skeens helps patients find lasting alternatives to traditional, removable dentures with implant dentures.

Implant-Supported Denture Treatment in Encinitas

Our implant dentist, Dr. Skeens, offers multiple ways for patients to enjoy smiles that provide renewed function, aesthetic, which include:

Implant Over-Dentures – In this method of implant denture treatment, a small number of implant posts – usually two to four – are surgically placed to act as anchors for whole-arches of replacement teeth. Instead of applying your prosthetic teeth each day with denture paste, Dr. Skeens snaps your denture onto implant posts and or a supporting bar attachment, so you can enjoy stable new teeth. Implant over-dentures can be made to be removable each day, or more permanent so they are only removed by our dental office during routine cleanings.

Screw-Retained Dentures – This permanent, long-lasting combination of implant and dentures incorporates the use of a greater number of implant posts for truly comprehensive and long-lasting teeth replacement. Your prosthetic teeth are secured with full-arch implant posts and are not made to be removable. You can enjoy all of your favorite foods and feel confident in social situations knowing that your new implant teeth are made to fit and feel just like your own.

Implant dentures do not rest on soft tissue, so there is no need to worry about rubbing, slipping, or gum tissue damage from poorly fitting dental appliances.  Both styles of our implant dentures provide patients with significant improvements in overall quality of life, as their new teeth are intended to be as close to their own teeth as possible.

For more Information about Implant Dentures, Contact Dr. Skeens

If you have been dealing with tooth loss and the inconvenience of removable dentures, our Encinitas implant denture treatment can provide the stable and comfortable dental restoration you need. Call our office today to learn more about swapping your loose, removable dentures for secure implant-supported dentures.